Jaws Pawn
846 West Main Street, New Britain, CT 06053
Hours: Monday - Friday: 9.00am - 7.00pm, Saturday: 10.00am - 5.00pm, Sunday: 11.00am - 3.00pm
1199 Meriden-Waterbury Road, Southington Connecticut, 06479
Hours: Monday - Friday: 10.00am - 6.00pm, Saturday: 10.00am - 4.00pm
860-628-PAWN (7296)


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    Billy huge xxxxxxo to your staff and you. Enjoy visiting your site to see what's new and man you guy are doing great. Your friends at ShopLatinoCT.com
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  •    Busca Hartford
    Hello to all our friends at Jaws Pawn. We do like dealing with Bill and his staff. Love the 3 level facility. We enjoy buying retro games, and office equipment. Thanks from all our staff at BUSCAHARTFORD.COM
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  •    Will
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      2018-02-18 20:32:42
  •    CTHartford.com
    Bill again we want to thank you for helping us choose the right equipment for our business. Thanks and we have told our friends and family if they want an honest deal or price on any item to go to Jaws Mega Pawn in New Britain CT
      2017-10-30 10:48:28
  •    CT Hartford.com
    Thanks to all at Jaws Mega Pawn and for helping us find the products that we needed to make our life easier. We enjoy visiting your facility and know you guys are number one in New England. The GO TO PAWN Store.
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    Hello Bill and staff. We like to thank all your staff for being professionals.
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    Hola to Bill and Family. We enjoy visiting and buying from Jaws Mega Pawn. Now with two locations, Southington and New Britain, WOW two must visit places. Do like the retro video games. Nice selection and the best prices around. xxxxxxxxxxxxholahartford. c
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  •    cassidy
    I love this store great selection of video games
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  •    riley
    best store ever love the new Southington location
      2017-07-06 17:08:29
  •    megan
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      2017-05-07 10:34:08
    We enjoy visiting you three level super store.
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  •    gluetrapped@yahoo.com
    VERY happy with the deals I got.
      2016-10-18 15:30:53
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  •    Glastonbury
    Hello, Bill we haven't visited Jaws Pawn for a while and we hope to see the huge facility this weekend. Looking forward to buy a few tools.
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    Jaws Mega Pawn has a beautiful selection of video games. I like the old games. Thanks to the nice staff for showing me and helping me find the one was looking for.
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  •    Brandon
    Bill thanks for giving me a great price on retro games. You bet I'll be back.
      2016-01-29 11:25:09
  •    wilfredo
    Thanks to your friendly staff for helping me choose the right laptop. It works nice and the was just within my budget.
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  •    Kelly S
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  •    Bill nice guy to do business with. By Drew
    I am a disabled vet. I never had to use the services of a pawn shop until the economy went bad and the VA no longer kept up with the cost of living. Bill made the whole experience easy and from what I have since learned paid me top dollar. He even kept my
      2016-01-25 11:24:31
  •    Wilfredo
    Jaws Pawn stands behind it s saying Big or small we buy it all This pawn shop has a lot to sell and a lot to see. Two levels of merchandise. Do make time to see it all. The staff are nice and friendly. … Jaws Pawn stands behind it s saying Big or small
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  •    Joe Tirado
    This place is HUGE. A must visit facility.
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    5 star Bill thanks for the laptop you sold me. It work like new and I bought it for less than a new one. You saved me money. DO LIKE YOUR TOOL SELECTION ON THE LOWER LEVE. Take care and I will be back soon.
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  •    El Que Puede
    The owner and staff are cool they work with you to go place hands down
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  •    John Jacob
    Holy cow do they have a lot of tools! New tools, old tools, really old tools, good tools, bins full of hand tools and TONS of power tools! Very cool place to look around and lots of good deals, but you gotta know what to look. Staff was very helpful and
      2016-01-25 00:11:21
  •    Israel G
    What can I say !? Jaws Pawn Shop is Amazing! Ever since they've moved their location they've grown and kept growing into a much bigger & better company. They're extremely fair with prices and "in my opinion" are better than an
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