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1199 Meriden-Waterbury Road, Southington Connecticut, 06479
Hours: Monday - Friday: 10.00am - 6.00pm, Saturday: 10.00am - 4.00pm
860-628-PAWN (7296)

Luxury Items

Come, be amazed by what you can discover in our facility. "One of New England's largest premier lenders and purchasers of high-end, luxury items."

  • 180611194542.jpg

    This $1,000 Dollar Bill is in great shape. The bill is air sealed keeping it from promoting wear.  It recently came into us at our Southington Location. Any questions, give us a call!

    Price: None
  • 180508194206.jpg

    This rolex is brand new. It is stainless steel with the paperwork and receipt. It has never been used before and retails for $5,600. 

    Price: $2,900
  • 180508190247.jpg

    This diamond is in excellent condition and shape. It comes with paperwork guarenteeing the weight & quality of this diamond.

    * 2.02 CT, Clarity: VVS2

    - We will always help you out and settle with a good deal. We also offer layaway if needed. 

    Price: $8,800
  • 160601213846.jpg

    Sign is a unique, vintage item and is in good condition.

    Price: $649
  • 160601213656.jpg

    This sign is very cool and is in good condition.

    Price: $399
  • 160601204439.jpg

    Watch is real 14kt gold and weighs about 14.9dwt. It is very clean and beautiful.

    Price: $1,000
  • 160601203509.jpg

    Guitar is a beautiful red color that is very vibrant and sounds really appealing.

    Price: $649
  • 160601203231.jpg

    Guitar is in stunning condition and is very beautiful. The guitar sounds very appealing and is just in the nicest shape.

    Price: $874
  • 160601202117.jpg

    These pandora beads are all real and are in great conditon. The regular ones are priced at $14.99 and the ones that have gold in them are $34.99

    Price: $14
  • 160601201904.jpg

    This watch is in really nice shape and is very admirable.

    Price: $749
  • 160601201205.jpg

    This Gibson guitar is in beautiful condition and also sounds it!

    Price: $999.99
  • 160601200913.jpg

    This Martin guitar is in really nice shape and sounds beautiful. The guitar comes with an add on electric piece.

    Price: $3,500
  • 160318223253.jpg

    These two guitars are in perfect condition and really stand out. The red one is $299 and the other one is $349. Both are in amazing conditon.

    Price: 349 & 299
  • 160318223008.jpg

    Both of these guitars are in good conditon and sound great!

    Price: Yours for $199
  • 160318222618.jpg

    This guitar really pops whe sun light hits it. It really sounds beautiful and really stands out from the other guitars.  

    Price: $1249
  • 160318222308.jpg

    This hand crafted guitar is really beautiful and sounds amazing.

    Price: $999
  • 160318222009.jpg

    This acoustic guitaris an old classic and really sounds great. It is in perfect condtion and has no problems.

    Price: $649
  • 160318221622.jpg

    Guitar is in amazing condition. Really pops out and looks beautiful. The sound this guitar makes is certainly outstanding.

    Price: $449
  • 160305160316.jpg

    Guitar is in beautiful shape. Sounds absolutely perfect for a Guild Guitar. The colors on the guitar stand out really well and really pop out when the sun hits it.

    Price: 1,299
  • 160229210929.jpg

    Silver bars are in really nice shape. Pictures on the stamps stand out well and really pop out.

    Price: $149.99
  • 160229210537.jpg

    Coins are in really nice shape and condition. Each coin is sealed by plastic and comes in a box.

    Price: $249.99
  • 160229210300.jpg

    Stamped Silver Bars are in great condition. The pictures on the bars come out great and really stand out.

    Price: $249.99
  • 160229204520.jpg

    Coin is in really nice shape. Comes in a casing that is sealed.

    Price: $399.99
  • 160229202444.jpg

    China set is in perfect shape. Very nice decoration for your house.

    Price: $599.99